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Alluring and romantic, Vienna is equivalently beautiful in all four seasons.

Yet, perhaps spring is the best time of the year to indulge in the splendour of Austria’s capital. The beauty of the season compliments perfectly the city’s century-long glory and charm that still echoes until this day.

Allow the legendary melodies of Mozart and Strauss to enter your heart with the Vienna Philharmonic; treat yourself to a piece of Sachertorte at the luxury hotel with the same name; experience gastronomic creativity at the 2-Michelin-star La Pyramide; stroll along the gardens at Schönbrunn Palace before soaking in the magnificence of Vienna from the top of the Gloriette located within the same vicinity.

In Vienna, one can simply rejoice at the return of spring and fall in love with both the city and the season.

Capital of the Netherlands and capital of tulips, the region is draped with a rainbow of tulips and a plethora of various other blossoms in spring.

Head to Keukenhof Gardens and explore this nature’s festival of colours and scents. Art and history connoisseurs can spare their valuable time at the Rijksmuseum while cuisine experts deciding whether they prefer the taste of Aan de Poel, Librije’s Zusje Amsterdam or & samhoud places.

When the night falls down, head towards Bar Barbou to hang out with the elite and fashionable of the city. After all, it’s simply facile to celebrate spring flowers in style with Amsterdam’s diversity.

The Latvian capital offers such an upscale experience that is quite unmatched in the region.

Rīga’s Old Town’s long avenues of complex and occasionally quaint art nouveau facades brings its visitors straight back to a grand past. You can even contemplate the old Soviet car models at the newly renovated Motor Museum.

Nevertheless, it is not all about history. In Rīga, lavish hotels and sophisticated restaurants such as Vincents or International SV can easily satisfy even the most difficult palates. For those looking for a wardrobe update, you would never go wrong at the extravagant Berga Bazārs.

Captivating and humble, Rīga’s fair share of surprises will make you glad to have started your annual travel ritual in this lively city.

Not much is needed to say about this lovely city that sits along the famous Lake Léman.

If any, it is the long walk along the lake towards Chillon Castle that needs to be sung about: crisp air, fresh breeze, and the various shades of blue reflected in the lake and across the Alps, which are decorated by a colour explosion of fauna.

A coffee break at the Fairmont Montreux with a lake view is definitely deserving, and so is a spa treatment at the hotel. Embark on a wine-infused exploration of Lavaux and dine at the most celebrated gastronomic and fine-dining restaurants in the region.

Now that’s spring!



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