Another Day Another Way

There are days when we have everything planned out from the first sound of the alarm clock until the first wave of dreams. Then there are also days when we decide to let loose and roll along as the day unfolds.

Whether well-organised or spontaneous, a perfect day of leisure and entertainment can be achieved with ease. In this day and age, information are, praise be, only a few clicks or swipes away.

Running out of ideas for fun and activities are hence becoming a fleeting trace of the past. An upscale cafe, a retro restaurant, a bizarre exhibition or some famous DJ in town, there is simply nothing that the internet is oblivious to. Born and nurtured with such philosophy, LifestyleClubbing chose to become the virtual Good Samaritan, who grants guidance to vogue trends and a chic lifestyle for seekers of all ages. In any case, a concrete example speaks more volume than mere figure of speech. Let's discover how an otherwise ordinary Saturday could be transformed into one of those celebrity's desirable reality episodes, minus world tours and on-set filming. Probably.

A perfect weekend should always be started on the right note. Translation: brunch. Brunches themselves are always a delight, then why not spice them up? As suggested, dipping a crunchy croissant into your espresso while inhaling the salty air blowing from the Mediterranean Sea will certainly awaken your five senses in the most pristine manner. After a thorough discussion about the next big rejuvenating family trip with your parents and leaving some comments about the mixing style of your cousin's favourite DJ Hardwell, you finish your quiche lorraine and the aforementioned coffee, mark the next familial get-together on your smartphone, kiss your family goodbye, speed dial your special someone and meet up as promised, then head straight for First Boutique together. Well, after all, you both need not only shopping therapy and a slight seasonal update of the wardrobes, but that company's event in two weeks demand some proper attires that match its Bond 007 theme.

Satisfied with your fashion choice, you decided to take a coffee break at that sensual Bedroom, Day n Night beach bar before your appointment at Limegrove. A signature cocktail for you, a glass of aromatic iced coffee for your partner and a platter of fresh fruits for both are ordered. Sipping your cocktail, you casually contemplate the stunning oceanic view while bathing under the warm golden sunlight. "This can only get better!в" –you smile and have another sip.

And indeed, it does. The personalised Limegrove Creations package for couples is simply out of this world. "Rebornв" may be an understatement for how you truly feel after such an ethereal experience. You praise your partner's new haircut, then ask under your whisper whether you snored during that doze while being given a massage. Thanks God you didn't.

Refreshed and revitalised, you make your way to Tokio Restau rant Bar. This decision for a change of palate has not fallen short of expectations. It sure is entertaining to witness skilled chefs literally having an art performance at the Teppanyaki grill table with high-rise flames, rhythmic cutting motions and precise manipulations. Amusing for the eyes and equivalently appetising.

A few glasses of sake and plum wines later at the bar in the same vicinity, your friends call. They already got to Dolce Club and are waiting for your arrival. You left with your partner, head for the venue, look for your VIP table, greet your friends, pop open a champagne bottle, and toast to a wonderful evening basked in lights, upbeat music, cosy sea breeze and a cosmopolitan ambience with the best company ever. The rest of the evening is history.

In fact, this wonderful, exemplary Saturday is less than ideal compared to what your creativity combined with the rich information and lifestyle guides that LifestyleClubbing can bring about. Tastes differ, yet the joy of living remains true at their core. It is therefore our humble desire to help incorporate authentic ideas into your already-cultivated lifestyle.

Vive la joie de vivre!


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