Beyond the Expected

Before the season of goodwill descends upon the masses, the social calendar is already bursting with the record-breaking aerospace event of the year the Dubai Airshow and the tantalisingly guilty pleasure that is The Victoria's Secret Show. Spectacular, sensual and certainly stimulating, the two shows

in an age where breaking the mould is tantamount to success.

what we once thought man was capable of, NASA continue to push the boundaries of scientific experimentation with the New Horizons mission to Pluto. The voyage of discovery is sure to unlock further secrets about our solar system and raise more questions about the mystery of the galaxy.

Back on Earth there is no question about the capabilities of successful women with the Russian Business Woman of The Year Awards, highlighting the huge economic contribution that outstanding female individuals are making to our society.

No longer grey and gloomy, the festive months are bursting with colour and the sweet smell of new opportunity mingles with the aromas of roaring log fires and intoxicating mulled wine.
Whether pushing the boundaries of science, excelling in the work place, or entertaining high society, let Life & Luxury be your guide this winter and live a life less ordinary by going


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