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Not many destinations can be as cultured as Tuscany, and not any season can be as befitting for a Tuscan retreat as autumn.Book yourself one of the region's authentic villas and bask in a holiday of high culture: rediscover the Renaissance at its gorgeous birthplace Florence and attend the 50 Days of International Film Festival there, evaluate a glass of Italy's finest white wine Vernaccia di San Gimignano, and relive the medieval age at the historic centre of Siena. Barely satisfied?

Then rejuvenate at the luxury thermal resort Grotta Giusti, follow the wine roads of Tuscany during the grape harvest in mid-September, learn about the world's finest chestnut Marrone at Marradi, hunt for rare truffles,sample and bring home the ultimate Olio Nuovo during the olive harvest between October and November, and finally enjoy all those specialties at the region's only three-starred-Michelin restaurant Enoteca Pinchiorri.

Indeed, what can possibly be more exciting than all that? A Ferrari Tour. Nothing beats the experience of having those bona fide moments designed to fit perfectly into your luxury holiday. Whether or not this Ferrari is driven by a chauffeur or yourself through the forested hills towards the Tuscan sunset is completely your call.

Ah, Paris again! One would have heard of this name perhaps too many times. Yet, for a seemingly over-cliche destination, sometimes, the question is not "Whatв", but rather "Whenв". 

Not until the last flocks of tourists have boarded the planes towards home after an overheated and overcrowded summer can Paris' true romantic charm be experienced with ease and elegance. Fresh autumn breeze and nature's ever-changing palate of colours aside, even simple beauties such as the fragrance of NВ°5 at La Fayette or the crunchy sound of a freshly baked baguette at Le Grenier ? Pain are more pleasurable.

More importantly, this is the perfect season to enjoy the outdoors. As the climate cools down and hasn't yet reached its bone-chilling winter temperature, a cup of Charles Chocolatier's take-away hot chocolate accompanied by Jean-Paul Hevin macaroons are enough to keep you cosy. Simply dress your best with the latest seasonal trends and casually stroll along les Champs-Elysees, in le Jardin des Tuileries, Parc Monceau, Place des Vosges, Jardin du Luxembourg, or visit le Chateau de Versailles. Uneventful as it sounds, amusement would certainly not be missed as the spirit of The Paris Autumn Festival is present in every corner of France's capital. Save autumn for Paris, and the definitions of luxury and romance will be unveiled in their most classic tones.

The hearts of wise adventure seekers and nature lovers would miss a beat upon the enchanting sights of England's oldest oak forest. Served as the key scenes for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as well as an inspiration for J.R.R Tolkien's Middle Earth's forests, Gloucestershire's Forest of Dean's mysterious depths combined with its mixture of yellow, brown and burnt orange colours make this destination an ideal escape. Temporary leave behind your filled agendas and social catch-ups for a breath of fresh air and inner peace. Walking, hiking, biking, horse riding, kayaking, fishing and private microlight flying lessons, just to name a few; there is always something for everyone to participate in and above this former royal hunting ground. Allow the Wye River to carry your worries away and who knows, some innovative ideas may come up unexpectedly as you reminisce The Fellowship of the Ring's journeys while promenading along the forest's edge towards the charming village of Symonds Yat.

This famous south-eastern state of Germany is inarguably one of the best destinations for autumn travel. In fact, there are many wonders tactfully hidden in Bavaria, for which its capital's Oktoberfest may not be a match in term of style, unless you manage to reserve yourself a comfortable seat on the second-level VIP balcony inside the tent of Hacker-Festzelt for a better view of its magical ceiling designed by Oscar-winning set designer Rolf Zehetbauer.

Then again, Munich itself is a refined city with Maximilianstrasse Boulevard, Tantris restaurant, Nymphenburg Palace and Schumann's Bar. Far away from the hubbub of jolly beer-drinking folks stands majestically the inspiration for Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom: Neuschwanstein Castle, of which Alpine autumn backdrop cannot be accentuated any better. After a visit to the Audi Forum Ingolstadt, Nuremberg's formidable medieval castle and Wurzbug's wine cellars, head further south and up for the most spectacular panoramic view of Bavaria on Zugspitze Germany's highest mountain.

Finally, don't forget to bring home Bavaria's hidden gem: the exclusive limited-edition Schorschbrau 57% 0,33 the world's strongest beer. Should Schorschbrau's wide choice of premium beers still unsatisfying, simply cater something to your own taste with their customised upgrade option. Prost!

Infrequent are the autumn fjord cruises, but assuredly not lacking. Simply luxuriate in the multicolour coastlines and tranquil nature under the clear blue sky before heading back to the beating heart of Norway, where the fun awaits. Autumn in Oslo marks a range of international festivals and events that attract such diverse interests and attendees. If Oslo Culture Night invites the world over to discover their Norwegian heritage, Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival celebrates the LGBT community through the seventh art. While dancers and dance enthusiasts are meeting up at CODA Oslo International Dance Festival, and athletics along with sportive individuals are perspiring at the Oslo Marathon, humans' best friends gather for friendly competitions and exhibitions at the European Dog Show.

Don't forget that behind all those festive scenes is an exhilarating capital with outstanding dining venues such as Maaemo, distinct nightlife options ranging from ballet performances at the Norwegian Opera & Ballet to chic clubs like Monkey, and world-class galleries and museums showcasing both general and special themes. And obviously, again, nature. One just simply cannot miss that. It flows in the veins of Oslo, and shall always be so.


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