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Dawn of a new beginning

Cover Editorial | Life & Luxury Magazine

Spring signifies the beginning of and for many: The tulip buds in Amsterdam, the debut of innovative models at the Geneva Auto Show, the traditional New Year concert of the Vienna Philharmonic, new trends in the fascinating world of fashionistas and the sophistiqués, and Hollywood’s most important event – the Academy Award. Yet for many others, spring is simply a meteorological occasion that does not play any important role in the chronology of many human events. The ongoing complex conflict in Syria is one of them.

Here at Life & Luxury, spring is both a continuity and a new dawn. The essence of life that is deeply ingrained in our philosophy continues to be carried on through carefully selected topics that are refreshing and relevant to your luxury lifestyle. At the same time, we are thrilled with many upcoming ideas waiting to be tested. Business is a form of evolving art, and so are our strategies. Catering to your taste while being your inspirers are our definition of passion.


As 2016 moves forward, our optimism tags along. We are living in a fast-paced era, in which changes are expected to be unexpected, and surprises can be around any corner. Wicked problems and the complexity of humanity remain at the heart of many global issues, which is why each of us should start recognising our own role as a stakeholder in this bigger picture. Yet, with optimism, we believe in a bright future of partnership, and as much as we are doing our best, your loyalty and trust in us will forever be the key to our success.

A Glamourous New Year to You All!


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