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Upon seeing this title, two certain emotions are anticipated: excitement versus indifference. A third reaction is nevertheless the one most expected: curiosity, since you understand the importance and meaning of the world's largest motor show, not just from the perspectives of a professional or an enthusiast, but of someone who apprehends the four-wheeled invention as an element of lifestyle.

Scattered across the calendar from the 17th to 27th September on the fairground of Messe Frankfurt are around 400 exhibitions, including: special actions for children and grown-ups, such as test drives to identify "Germany's best driver at the IAAв", off-road vehicle test track, and "Driver's Licenseв" for kids; a career fair for the automotive sector; various initiatives to promote safety on the road; and presentations of the most innovative mobility trends along with future urban mobility solutions.

Without a doubt, the limelight is still reserved for the main stars of the entire show the ones that may grant the IAA Frankfurt the title of "2015's No.1 Automotive Eventв": Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet, Bentley Bentayga, Audi A4 Limousine and Avant, Maserati Levante (SUV), Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, BMW 7 series, Infiniti Q30, Toyota 4th-generation Prius hybrid, Lamboghini Huracan Spyder, Peugeot 308 GTi, Volkswagen Tiguan, Renault Megan, Porsch 911 facelift, and Jaguar F-PACE Performance Crossover.

Thanks to such a stellar line-up waiting for their covers to be pulled, the excitement and expectations projected on to the IAA Frankfurt 2015 cannot soar any higher, and those are not even a full list; notwithstanding, only a few gems of the crown would be mentioned briefly to save the thrill of discovery for the real show.

Being the constant apex of luxury and technology among German automakers, BMW continues to bring forth yet another evolutionary design through their new 7 Series: the seamless merge of peripheral chromium-plated window into the Hofmeister kink, the pioneering L-shaped rear light bars, the Executive Lounge featuring an optional massage function for rear-seat passengers, and the efficient dynamics of lightweight construction complex; it is no wonder that all eyes are on the lucky number 7 of BMW.

The other German elite is nowhere far behind in this race towards quintessential luxury. As rumours and spied photos speculating the internet among avid drivers, it appears that Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet may just be the next beauty queen for star gazers. With respect to the distinctive elegant silhouette of the S-Class Coupe family through sleek design of concave and convex surfaces at the front, the S-Class Cabriolet now features electronically-foldable fabric roof plus a few minor changes at the rear to accommodate this new freedom. Roofless or not, this highly anticipated convertible would continue to grace the roads and its driver.

Nevertheless, the German giants shall not steal the entire spotlight of the show. British luxury automaker Bentley is patiently counting down to the IAA Frankfurt 2015, when the Op-Art-inspired camouflage is unveiled to reveal Bentayga "the world's most luxurious and fastest SUVв" thus far. The company's masterpiece promises to become the pinnacle of performance and craftsmanship for SUVs. The structural mix of high-strength steel and aluminium, the four round headlamps that edge the matrix grille, and the signature B-shaped wing vent behind the front wheel arch are just a few verses of this pioneering ode to lights, texture and power.

Originated from the same kingdom, Jaguar F-PACE encompasses everything that the brand stands for: beautiful design, precise handling, a supple ride, luxurious interior finishes and cutting-edge technology. Being Jaguar's first SUV, this all-new, highly efficient five-seat performance crossover is the answer to the overwhelmingly positive response to the C-X17 concept car at the IAA Frankfurt 2013. Sleek profile, upright stance, muscular ridged bonnet, lightweight chassis, and spacious interior combined with exceptional on-road dynamics are few of the many contributions to the style and practicality of Jaguar's newest hype.

Meanwhile, Alfa Romeo is bringing its high sense of Italian fashion to the stage with sensuous Giulia Quadrifoglio. Bold and stylish, the all-new Giulia achieves sportiness and sophistication without the typical chromium embellishments and big fender flares. Equipped with new rear-wheel-drive platform, carbon ceramic brakes and a guarantee of perfect 50/50 weight distribution through the use of Carbon Fibre and aluminium, Giulia is the promise of a new dawn for the historic automaker.

Raising a parallel amount of curiosity is the Italian cousin Maserati Levante. As far as leaked sources confirm, the brand's very first SUV will reportedly adapt large air dams, a great hexagonal gaping grille with eight vertical slaps, and fenders fitted with three vents from the Ghibli and Quattroporte saloons. A touch of inspiration from the exterior design of Maserati Kubang will also be added. What distinguishes Levante from the earlier successful models is a taller, sportier silhouette with sharp, conventional headlights, and a heightened roofline section. Despite the continued mysteries surrounding this five-seat beauty, Levante is unquestionably a strong competitor in the SUV arena.

With all that being said, this year will surely be a fun ride for car aficionados, partly on account of the show's host city as well. Home to European Central Bank and Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Frankfurt constantly plays a vital role in the financial picture of Europe and the world. High-rise buildings surrounding marches of suited bankers and professionals are one such demonstration for that reputation. Its skyline is certainly one rare sight in not just Germany, but also in the European Union, hence the nickname "Germany's Manhattanв". Yet, what sets it apart from the real Manhattan is the sheer romance created by a harmonious balance between culture, history and nature that embraces the well-lit concrete jungle. Indeed, Frankfurt itself is a grand exhibition with constant displays of business, technology and entertainment. Therefore, again, cars are one essential element of lifestyle. Yet, many others are still hidden somewhere in this multicolour and lively metropolitan, waiting for you to discover and savour with class.


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