Spring is in the Air

The 90s is back! That means underwear as outerwear and the print is the biggest impact on your wardrobes! 

Long Nineties dresses à la Kate Moss, lingerie details, pyjama cuts and delicate sheer fabrics are very welcome! At the same time, this Spring will be a season of contrasts! Attention-grabbing textures, shiny silver/metallic finishes...Designers offered showgirls and good girls, bad girls and tomboys... So, how would you look like? A girl who wants to flash her undies or a girl who keeps everything under-wraps? A chick who rocks or maybe like a chick who wants to go to the library? Or maybe just to mix it up?

Now, the time has come to look into the overall Spring / Summer 2016 Fashion Trends.



It’s just like OMG!

The slip dress is back and looking slinkier than ever! Nightwear as daywear, underwear as outerwear as a lead concept!

Girls! This season we are going to look pretty sexy! Oh...





It’s the Little Details

That set us Apart.




Pleated dresses are still so trendy! And in soft gingham dresses and loose blanket trousers, how could it not be?

Fashion’s favourite patterns are reinventing in easy, breezy new silhouettes. Just perfect for romantic girls!


So get creative! And mix up colours! Whatever you do, don't ever attempt to match anything. Ever.

Clash to your heart's content. And smile!

It’s a Spring time! And for those girls who love the orange colour we have big news! Because orange, in a variety of shades, will be your “must have” for next season!   


High shine fabrics are always a spring/summer favourite, but for Spring/Summer 16 the incarnations are cooler and more experimental than ever before.

This season, designers are saying “surprise me”!  Bright and metallic silver is a popular choice, appearing on all collections!

It’s always an insightful experience to see different interpretations of what the future looks like, and it seems that for spring 2016 we have plenty of iterations to choose from.

So, let’s make our own futuristic look!


Sculpted summer dresses, skirts, tops and full fishnet vests! The runways of SS16 have plenty of updated knitwear action! And, of course, lace! This trend we carry on from last Summer – that’s cool - but this Spring designers have added some more colours and textures! From the delicate to the vibrant - this season's lace takes centre stage. However, if you prefer something more extravagant, then graphic stripe is oh so right!


One of the sexiest trend of Spring/Summer 2016! The shoulder is fashion's new “erogenous zonus maximus”. And you know what? There's no ideal shoulder. There's no "ugly" shoulder. There's no shoulder that looks better in a bikini body than another shoulder. That means, we probably have nothing but positive, lovely feelings about our own pair, which means that this trend should be especially fun to pull off!


It’s something from Spanish-influenced flounces!  Designers have suggested to try out exotic style! If you are ok with that, then ruffles and frills are must have! Big, small, structured, head to toe! Whatever the scale or intentions of these SS16 frills they will be, quite simply, EVERYWHERE!


Finally - a 1990s trend that doesn't feel like hard work. Black tailoring, which we found in all serious designer collections, honestly... it's a bit unexpected! But “back to black” trend is a part of the spring line-up for many of the industry's most influential designers. However, this season the classic oxford received a designer makeover, taking it from simple to souped-up!  A great way to offset the lingerie trend, as we mentioned earlier, but just as applicable to any other trend going, too.


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