Towards the Party of a Lifetime

Wrapping fingers
 around your cup of morning
coffee, you stare nonchalantly at
the calendar.

Two months before your
most favourite holiday of
the entire year.

You've been known for being
the most outstanding host
among and beyond your
circle of acquaintances.
Everyone loves your

There's always so much fun and joy,
and of course, good words that
keep echoing even after the party
has ended weeks ago.

Probably not this year.
You sigh and glance quickly
at the flashing light
on your smart phone. Work has
been keeping you preoccpied for
the most part of the year.
You've been working hard and your
dream is almost with in reach.

Nothing can stop you

Not even your legendary annual
Christmas event. The phone vibrates
again, as if to remind you of that fact.
What a shame.

As you're heading out for work, something
caught your attention. The name card of that
fellow you met the other day at a networking
event lay quietly on top of your entry table.

There's always so much fun and joy,
and of course, good words that
keep echoing even after the party
has ended weeks ago.

A brilliant idea lights up in your
head. You take the card along and dial
the number as your driver carries on with
his usual routine. If you can't personally take
care of it, why not trust a professional who can
make sure that every minute detail is tailored
according to your taste? Frankly speaking, you've
never tried Life & Luxury's service, but you liked the
fellow. He seemed capable and reliable. Why not put
their skills to test, right?

A meeting is immediately arranged. Contract
signed. Hands are shaken. Relieved yet
 nervous, you wonder if it would be a
good idea to trust a stranger with
such a big task after all.

As time passes and the event draws closer,
your worries gradually turn into excitement.
The printed invitations have never looked
better, and the website dedicated only to this
party is just marvellous. Very cool video they
made indeed! The company even creates and
helps you manage different social media platforms
to keep your tech-savvy guests informed
and entertained. Entertained!
Way before the party!

The best part is the logo. These people really make
you feel like you are hosting an Oscar. Well, your guest
list has always been diverse with a couple of VIPs here and
there, but having a logo seems to bring your event to
greater heights.

Without a doubt, this is the most successful
Christmas party you have ever
hosted. And your hard work has also
reaped rewards with accomplishments
and fulfilled plans.

As you finish your
Chardonnay, another idea
comes to your head. A new
project has already been
proposed at your company, and
this time the need for strong
brand building is vital. You will
contact Life & Luxury again tomorrow
and ask for their cooperation.

smile, knowing that a long-lasting
partnership is starting...


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